Stem Cell Therapy FLASH

Now Conceal wrinkles instantly while our famous Stem Cell formula does its work over time!

Stem Cell


Clinical studies on the active ingredients indicate Stem Cell Therapy may stimulate your own existing skin stem cells to help grow smoother, firmer new skin. For your first twenty or so years, your skin works like mad stimulating fresh new cells to replace the old ones. At around age 30 your skin’s stem cells begin to shut down gradually. They don’t make enough new skin cells to replace the old ones. Lines form, wrinkles form and your skin thickens and loses elasticity. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO YOU!


Now, our SP-110S FLASH ingredient, with a wrinkle-erasing silicone crosspolymer instantly conceals wrinkles by 84%, leaving a silky soft feel while our Stem Cell Therapy formula works long term on your skin.


Phyko-AI-PF – Studies conclude this natural carbohydrate can:
— Increase production of new skin cells!
— Increase the area of new skin growth!


Mitostime – An extract of brown algae shown to reduce facial aging by:
— Re-activating stem cells to stimulate fresh, new skin cell production!
— Increasing natural collagen production!


SP-110S – conceals wrinkles instantly and reduces shine for a silky matte finish.


The years younger look of your youth is not in a syringe…it’s inside you right now and it’s just waiting to get out. Release the years, lines and wrinkles and turn back your visible aging clock with the breakthrough technology only Stem Cell Therapy can provide.



Watch as your own Stem Cells help wrinkles seem to disappear!
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Stem Cell Therapy FLASH!

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Leanne C. says...
"I noticed that after a week Stem Cell Therapy filled my fine lines in."