Q-Therapy Eye Treatment

Reduce Dark Circles & Unsightly Bags

This is the cutting-edge formulation you’ve been waiting for! In clinical trials of our active ingredients, over 70% of participants saw significant improvement of their under-eye bags. Over 60% saw their dark circles lighten and fade. Q-Therapy’s microscopic spheres of rejuvenating multi-berry anti-oxidants slip gently into the skin deeper than ever before, delivering breakthrough ingredients to bathe your delicate eye area. Unsightly bags are reduced. Dark circles are lightened. Aging skin appears firmer and smoother.

After cleansing apply Q-Therapy with the fingertip in a rapid patting motion then gently smooth in one or two broad strokes.  Use twice daily - upon wakening and before retiring to a clean, dry face. Allow 60 seconds for penetration. Use prior to any moisturizing, prior to GeneSphere or any other skin care preparation. Initial results take 3-4 weeks, while full improvement is seen after 8 weeks of daily applications.


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