Lighter, Brighter, Porcelain-Smooth Skin INSTANTLY!

Lumetrics with Copuline

Lumetrics, now with Copuline, lets you turn men's heads the moment you enter the room!

Our famous Lumetrics formula brightens and smooths skin, reducing wrinkles by 30%, decreasing pore size up to 36%, and improving skin tone by 20% so you look 21 all over again!

Now we have added Copuline, the natural female pheromone that is legendary for attracting the opposite sex! Your confidence will soar as your skin looks years younger and men suddenly cannot resist you (even your spouse!).

Lumetrics is no common moisturizer... or a cover-up, makeup or filler. It offers six youth benefits you can enjoy with regular use:

1. Instant Skin Brightening
2. Evens Blotchy Skintone
3. Diminishes Wrinkles
4. Adds a shimmering translucent glow
5. Minimizes Pores
6. Works on the eyes to diminish bags and dark circles

PLUS, your new Copuline additive will improve your confidence, and your love life, naturally.

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