New Skin Technology Helps Restore a Youthful, Porcelain-Doll Radiance!


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Try LUMETRICS Radiant Skin Complex! It’s NOT a makeup… NOT a cover-up…NOT a filler. So please don’t confuse LUMETRICS with common cosmetics, moisturizers and cleansers.

LUMETRICS works to INSTANTLY restore the glow of youth while diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, week by week.

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LUMETRICS restores flawless translucence so you look years younger! It’s more than just a breakthrough moisturizer and wrinkle fighter.

In clinical studies it increased evenness 10.3% within 10 minutes. Baby-skin pink tones increased 20%. Lines and wrinkles were reduced 30% and pore size was reduced 16% on average with 36% maximum.* Skin was reported brighter with a porcelain-skin glow in 100% of cases after a 56-day treatment period. Immediate skin lightening resulted in 60% of cases.*

* Results of a single ingredient in vivo pilot study.

Apply twice daily to entire face for the first week, then once a day, using small circular motions until absorbed.

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