The Greatest Anti-Aging Breakthrough Since Botox®*!
New GeneSphere Now with Acquacell

Over 100,000 women have enjoyed the GeneSphere youth miracle since it was first introduced. Now comes New GeneSphere with Acquacell – and the best just got better!
See results for yourself – a years-younger look after just ONE application. And listen to what respected doctors and dermatologists say:

Littzi “Many of my patients see me to avoid surgery. With GeneSphere, they can affect the appearance of age lines and crow’s feet without surgery or injections.”
Dr. Sharon Littzi
Board Certified Dermatologist
Noonan “GeneSphere works because it is backed by real science…with real results…and it’s available without a prescription.
Dr. Michael Noonan
Board Certified Dermatologist


GeneSphere’s original microscopic carriers bring hyaluronic spheres deep into the epidermis where they nestle beneath each wrinkle. Then they expand by absorbing 1000 times their weight in natural moisture from your own body, gently lifting wrinkles from beneath. You’ll be amazed at the results!
Our new breakthrough ingredient Acquacell contains natural moisture magnets that absorb moisture right out of the air to hydrate your skin and plump away lines and wrinkles – even at night while you sleep. In fact, Acquacell is clinically shown to provide improvement in skin hydration in just the first ten days of use…wrinkles and crow’s feet seem to disappear.
A very light tint plus reflective light diffusers combine to help whatever stubborn age lines remain to disappear from view. Use it daily, and you’ll experience rejuvenating effects that can last a lifetime. New GeneSphere with Acquacell – the best just got better!

GeneSphere with Acquacell – Works Like Nothing Else on Earth!

Apply GeneSphere with Acquacell each morning to the entire face after thoroughly cleansing and drying.
For the first week, you may find that re-application to the most difficult spots will ensure smoother skin throughout the night. After the first week, once daily should be sufficient.
Use your GeneSphere with Acquacell each morning. Results will improve week by week with regular daily use. 
All skin composition is slightly different, so results will vary. Some age lines may have had many years to become difficult to reverse.
Use GeneSphere with Acquacell every day to insure a lifetime of younger looking skin. Discontinuing use will allow skin to revert to its original condition.
Always test a small amount behind your ear or the back of your wrist to insure there is no adverse reaction before starting regular use. If any irritation or other reaction should occur simply rinse and discontinue use.

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