Exclusive 4-Way Anti-Aging Masque! Use Weekly for Dramatic Results

Dermal Repair Masque

Leave it on your entire face for 45 minutes. Forms a film so flexible you can read, watch TV or even nap while it works its magic. Then, just peel it off, and you’ll see an immediate 4-way effect: 1. natural Kaolin Clay deep cleans pores; 2. blemishes disappear like magic; 3. Aloe & Lecithin brighten the skin tone and 4. dead cells are peeled away, allowing young new cells to surface. Skin is smooth and soft – a treat for your entire face.

Apply liberally and smoothly to face (neck optional). Avoid contact with eyes. Allow 45 minutes for the masque to set and dry while relaxing, reading, or doing work around the house. Remove by peeling as much off as possible then washing the remainder with tepid water and soap. Moisturize after treatment and see and feel the difference immediately.

4 ounce Supply #20217 $29.95 BUTTON
8 ounce Supply #20218 $35.00 BUTTON