Dear Friend: 

Congratulations!  You are about to start on a journey backwards.  Backwards in time that is, to a younger, healthier looking you. 

BioLogic Solutions was formed to introduce the public to the latest breakthroughs in cosmeceutical and nutriceutical formulas for the advancement of anti-aging and natural and holistic health for mature adults.  We have joined with pioneering cosmetic surgeon Dr. Janis DiPietro and use many cosmetic chemists whose research brings you cutting edge products, often before they can reach the general marketplace.

As a direct response company we are able to price our products far below what they would cost in a boutique or department store as well as to guarantee each product for a full 60 days so you can enjoy results you can see for yourself at home.  Any product you return, even entirely empty, will be refunded the full purchase price less shipping by return mail.  So, pick and choose, mix and match without concern – your purchase is basically risk-free.

I urge you to look at our VIP Rewards Program.  It is a way to never run out of your favorite products, add or subtract products as you wish, save money on every delivery, and enjoy occasional valuable free gifts and trial products as our thanks for being loyal customers.

Take care of your skin and it will serve you well for your entire life. I hope to hear from you soon.  Good luck, good health and good looks.


Meghan Jackson
Director, Customer Service